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We are proud to be a long-standing SCHRAMM partner in Baden-Baden, Offenburg and Kehl and to be able to present the outstanding product lines of this renowned bed manufacturer to you. The excellent quality and craftsmanship of these handmade upholstered beds speak for themselves. SCHRAMM stands for exquisite design, outstanding quality and Made in Germany. We stock all product lines, from SCHRAMM Purebeds, Origins Gala and Basis and Complete to the Grand Cru bed.

Discover the variety of SCHRAMM bed product lines
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SCHRAMM Purebeds

The young Purebeds bed range from SCHRAMM offers an inviting introduction to modern sleeping pleasure, combining the traditional values of the brand with the noticeably fresh luxury of our time. This contemporary bedroom furniture combines a clear design and colour language with SCHRAMM’s renowned craftsmanship, including handmade pocket spring mattresses with tempered springs and sophisticated upholstery.
Purebeds beds are more than just pieces of furniture – they are ready-made, perfectly crafted dream beds made from high-quality materials and with great attention to detail. The casual look of the beds fits in perfectly with modern lifestyles and they offer a wide range of options for different needs.
Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden
Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden

SCHRAMM bed Origins Gala

The modular bed system from SCHRAMM, which is characterised by its interchangeability, variety and simplicity. The slat base is inserted into the frame in the same way as a classic bed frame, and there are numerous options for covers, upholstery and materials. Origins Gala not only offers an exquisite sleeping experience, but also a high degree of flexibility. A variety of feet are available to customise your Gala bed. The special feature: Origins Gala enables the integration of third-party systems. If you want a SCHRAMM bed but would like to insert a slatted frame and a cold foam mattress, this is no problem with Origins Gala. All headboards in the Origins range can be attached to both a basic bed and a Gala bed, giving you a wide range of design options.

SCHRAMM Origins Basis

A sleeping system consisting of a top mattress and base mattress that form the two-mattress system. The slightly recessed slat base enables an upholstered shell on which the top mattress rests freely and flush. Various heights and designs for the upholstered panel are also possible here. With SCHRAMM Basis, you can also choose from numerous feet to personalise your bed according to your aesthetic preferences. It is important to note that SCHRAMM Basis is an exclusive system for SCHRAMM mattresses. In contrast to Origins Gala, the integration of third-party systems is not provided for here. Nevertheless, SCHRAMM Basis offers maximum comfort and a well thought-out design for a restful night’s sleep.

Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden

There are 7 design variants of the luxurious handcrafted bed:

Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden

SCHRAMM Grand Cru – Nuvola

Nuvola, entworfen von den renommierten Designern Daniel Debiasi und Federico Sandri, ist mehr als nur ein Polsterbett – es ist eine kunstvolle Inszenierung von eleganter und zeitloser Schlichtheit. Das Bett zeichnet sich durch vertikal aneinandergereihte, große Kissen aus, die im Ganzen eine weiche, geschwungene Bettform schaffen. Die äußeren Kissen am Kopfteil sind leicht nach innen gewinkelt und wirken wie eine Art Kokon für das Bett. Diese Flügel vereinen sich und schaffen ein einladendes, gemütliches Nest. Dies bildet die perfekte Kulisse für Momente der Entspannung, Ruhe und Genuss.
Nuvola ist nicht nur ein Bett, sondern ein Kunstwerk, das die Vision der Designer Daniel Debiasi und Federico Sandri widerspiegelt. Das Bett wird so zu einem Zentrum der ästhetischen Schönheit im Schlafzimmer, das Eleganz und Komfort auf einzigartige Weise vereint. Tauchen Sie ein in die Welt von Nuvola und erleben Sie, wie Design und Funktion zu einer harmonischen Einheit verschmelzen.

SCHRAMM Grand Cru – Prado

The Prado bed embodies a majestic design language that evokes a feeling of exquisite luxury and grandeur in the bedroom. The opulently curved and stitched headboard is more than just a design element – it is a tribute to sensuality and sophistication. The hand-stitched upholstery and stitching is a masterpiece of precision craftsmanship that gives the bed a unique touch.

The pleated pelmet, skilfully crafted and drawn in by hand, lends the Prado bed a floating lightness. This refined attention to detail emphasises the demand for the highest quality and aesthetic finesse. The Prado bed is not just a piece of furniture, it is an impressive piece that transforms the room into an artistic, unique bedroom.

The sleeping comfort of the Prado bed is raised to a new level by the patented SCHRAMM three-mattress system. Every night becomes an experience of relaxed luxury and heavenly sleep. The Prado bed attracts attention, sets accents and becomes the centrepiece of every bedroom. Treat yourself to the luxury of a bed that not only sleeps, but dreams.

Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden
Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden

SCHRAMM Grand Cru – Raphael

The Raphael bed not only promises heavenly sleeping comfort, but also presents itself as a masterpiece of handcrafted elegance from the very first glance. The Raphael headboard impresses with its hand-drawn blind stitching, which not only fulfils aesthetic requirements but also creates an inviting aura of cosiness. The soft upholstery is masterfully crafted, and every detail demonstrates precision craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Another highlight is the patented SCHRAMM three-mattress system, which offers a unique sleeping surface for restful nights. The combination of high-quality materials and innovative technology ensures that Raphael is not just a bed, but an oasis of sleeping comfort.

The visible feet visually emphasise the inviting effect of Raphael, while an optional valance can lend the bed additional charm. Whichever version you choose, Raphael will always be the sleeping highlight in your bedroom design. Treat yourself to the luxury experience of a bed that doesn’t just make promises, but envelops your nights in heavenly comfort.

SCHRAMM Grand Cru – Sipario

The brand new Sipario bed, designed by designers Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, sets new standards in bold and expressive design. This Grand Cru bed transforms your bedroom into an impressive stage of elegance. The elegantly crafted solid wood frame, covered with a pleated fabric that has been folded by hand, is reminiscent of an artfully draped stage curtain and creates an aesthetic presentation of the highest class.

The pleated base completes the ensemble with a simple shape and subtle decoration that creates a harmonious balance. The feet are simple and visually discreet. The Grand Cru bed Sipario goes beyond the boundaries of an ordinary bedroom – it becomes a place of inspiration and creative development.

The bold and proportionally expressive design makes Sipario a unique statement piece of furniture.

Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden
Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden

SCHRAMM Grand Cru – Square

The Grand Cru Square bed presents itself as a highly elegant piece of furniture that invites you to rest comfortably and relaxed. An outstanding detail is the successful combination of solid wood and fabric processing, which makes the headboard a true masterpiece in its field. The fusion of design and craftsmanship gives Square a unique aesthetic and is an eye-catcher in any bedroom.

The comfortable and patented three-mattress system from Schramm meets an eye-catching, design-oriented headboard. The elements of the headboard can optionally be adjusted so that it resembles a screen or room divider. This offers the opportunity to protect privacy and create an atmosphere of deep relaxation and cocooning that energizes the body and soul.

Square impresses not only with its clear and geometric shapes in a checkered and cross look, but also with its masterful workmanship and elaborate handcraft. The quality of the materials and fabrics used underlines the value of this designer furniture, which meets the highest standards in aesthetics and craftsmanship.

These models offer perfect sleeping comfort with all their details – GRAND CRU. Be inspired by the design and special features of each model and find the Grand Cru bed that meets your personal expectations.

What’s special about a SCHRAMM bed:

  • Handcrafted: Each bed is made by hand, with attention to detail and the highest precision.

    German design and manufacturing: The beds are made in Winnweiler, and every detail shows German design and craftsmanship.

    Individual customization: From the choice of headboard to the firmness of the mattresses – design your bed according to your personal preferences.

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