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Healthy sleep starts with the right microclimate in your bed. Individual advice from our highly specialised consultants is crucial to finding the perfect comforter for your personal perception of warmth and cold. At our specialist bed store in Offenburg, Baden-Baden and Kehl, we rely on a careful heat requirement analysis to determine the perfect comforter for each individual.

Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-BadenBetten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden
Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-BadenBetten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-BadenBetten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden

The science behind the perfect comforter – focus on precise heat requirement analysis, fill power, heat retention and material

People have different warmth requirements and therefore there is no universal comforter for all seasons or age groups. In our consultation, we rely on scientific findings to analyse individual warmth requirements based on sleeping habits, gender, age and bedroom temperature. This enables us to find exactly the comforter that meets your needs. A good balance between the body’s ability to generate heat and the release of heat into the environment is crucial. There should always be a pleasant and dry sleeping climate under the comforter.

Our specialist advisors will work with you to select the ideal comforter after analysing your heat requirements, taking into account filling thickness, weight, care properties and moisture dissipation. Climate-regulating quality fillings, body-friendly quilting and innovative cover fabrics are decisive factors. Our comforters are characterised by quality. The heat requirement analysis was developed in cooperation with the renowned Ergonomics Institute in Munich and all comforters in the dormabell Edition line are regularly tested by the eco-Institut for human ecological safety. Our carefully selected comforters are not only characterised by an optimal filling thickness, but are also made of high-quality material that meets even the highest demands.

With us, you will experience the perfect symbiosis of filling thickness, heat retention and material for

Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden

Seasonal adaptation and personal requirements

Every season requires different product properties from a comforter. Our specialist advisors take into account not only individual warmth requirements, but also personal needs and usage patterns. We stock a selected range of comforters to ensure that your needs are met in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

For optimum comfort, we ideally recommend at least two comforters per person – one for summer and one for winter. Ideally, everyone should have three comforters: a thin, light, breathable comforter for the summer, one in the medium warmth class for spring and fall, and a warm, cosy winter comforter for the cold winter months.
Our specialist advisors in conjunction with the dormabell Warmth Needs Analysis (WBA) will help you to find the perfect comforter for a restful night’s sleep. Because only if the balance between heat emission and heat exchange is guaranteed can the night become a true phase of rest.

Regardless of the time of year, we take factors such as age, body size, gender and sleeping location into account when choosing the perfect comforter. If a comforter is shared, the size of the comforter and the warmth requirements of the second person are also taken into account. This is because we know that everyone has different perceptions of how snug and light/heavy a comforter should be.

Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden

The perfect duvet size for restful sleep

In terms of sleep science and sleep physiology, it is ideal if everyone sleeps under their own duvet, which is tailored to their individual needs and is large enough to allow night-time movements without micro-stimulation such as draughts or shivering. In Germany, the common standard sizes for single duvets are 135×200 cm and 155×220 cm and for double duvets 200×200 cm and 240×220 cm. The choice of duvet size should not only depend on the height of the sleeper. Smaller people also benefit from the generous 155×220 cm comfort size.

The comfort size offers numerous advantages – a feeling of cosiness and snuggling up promote relaxation, deeper sleep and a refreshed awakened state are the positive consequences. Avoid duvets that are too small to prevent unpleasant draughts, unnecessary tossing and turning and restless sleep. Invest in your well-being by treating yourself to the comfort size 155×220 cm. At our specialist bed shop in Offenburg, Baden-Baden and Kehl, we will be happy to advise you so that your duvet suits you and your needs perfectly. Discover the world of restful sleep with customised duvets – for every size and every sleeping need.

Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden
Betten Leitermann und Betten Rabolt - Offenburg und Baden-Baden

Joachim Leitermann confirmed:

“The choice of the perfect duvet is individual. Good specialist advice from a heating needs professional is essential to prevent shivering or sweaty nights and to ensure a restful night’s sleep”.

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